Upozornění na podvody s vízovou loterií

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Upozornění na podvody s vízovou loterií

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PříspěvekZaslal: čt červen 23, 2011 3:23 pm    Předmět: Upozornění na podvody s vízovou loterií Odpovědět s citátem

Jen pro info z oficiálních zdrojů.

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PříspěvekZaslal: čt červen 23, 2011 8:20 pm    Předmět: Odpovědět s citátem

To jsi mel dat do sekce Hurvajzove taky. Ty by si to meli hlavne precist Wink
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PříspěvekZaslal: čt červen 23, 2011 8:24 pm    Předmět: Re: Upozornění na podvody s vízovou loterií Odpovědět s citátem

czolgos napsal:
Jen pro info z oficiálních zdrojů.


a zde zasilam,jak to vypada ve skutecnosti:

U.S. Department of State sent this message to
Your registered name is included to show this message originated from U.S. Department of State.
Congratulations, you've won !

Dear ,
Congratulations on winning a United States Permanent Resident Card through Diversity Visa Lottery. Selection guarantees that you will receive a United States Permanent Resident Card(also known as Green Card or Diversity Visa) only if you follow the instructions for further processing. Follow the instruction below to pay the processing fees
and start the integration process in the United States as soon as possible.

Acceptance Date: Saturday 18th of June 2011 10:15:56 PM

Country of Birth:

Phone Number:

Is the Diveristy Visa FREE ?
No. There is a big confusion. Only the participation in the Diversity Visa Lottery was free but the winners must pay the visa processing fees. The fees are collected by Embassy or Consulate abroad, Department of Homeland Security's, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). The fee is also used to prove your identity and express your interest in the U.S visa so we can make all the demands required for your relocation in the United States.

Type of Residence Card Status Price (per person)
United States Permanent Resident Card Granted! - Waiting for payment of processing fee $880
Subtotal: $880
Processing fees Included
Total $880


You have been selected at random from over 12.1 million qualified entries (16.5 million with derivatives) received.The diversity lottery was conducted under the terms of section 203(c) of the Immigration and Nationality Act which makes available 50,000 permanent resident visas annually to persons from countries with low rates of immigration to the United States.

With the Diversity Visa (also known as Green Card) you will enjoy all the advantages and benefits of a US permanent resident, including:

Health Insurance: Freedom HSA Direct Individual Helth insurance for 1 year
Dwelling: Apartment in New York, Queens(1 bedroom) for 3 months
Guaranteed job: A job in the field that you are are currently qualified so you can start working even from the first week you arrive in the United States and get paid as U.S citizen.
Education: Education for U.S. Students or Higher Education through EducationUSA. It includes transfer to a U.S college or Univeristy so you can continue your educational study. More details can be found at http://educationusa.state.gov/.

The annual DV program makes visas available to persons meeting simple, but strict, eligibility requirements.The Department of State implemented the electronic fees processing system beginning with DV-2005 in order to make the DV process more efficient and secure.

The fees must be paid using Western Union money transfer and will be processed by the U.S. embassy in the United Kingdom.

Western Union is a leading provider of International person-to-person money transfer. With more than 150 years experience and 245,000 Agent locations in over 200 countries and territories, Western Union is recognized for sending money quickly, reliably, and safety.

Click on the following link to find the nearest Western Union agency and send the fees payment (U.S $880 or equivalent local currency.)
Find Western Union Agency
If you are unable to find a Western Union agency near your location, you may ask a relative or friend to pay the fee on your behalf.

Please note that you are allowed to take with you as many family members you want. However for each person you must pay an additional amount of U.S $880

For example if you decide to move in the United States with your wife and a kid the total fee is US$880(your fee) + US$880(your wife) + US$880(your kid) = US$2640.
If you want to move alone the fee is as stated above only US$880
After you send the payment follow the next steps :

Email copy/scan of the Western Union receipt at kccdv(zavinAC)stategov-us.com the money transfer receipt must include:

1) Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN):
2) Exact sender's name on file with Western Union:
3) Exact sender's address on file with Western Union:
4) Receiver's name on file with Western Union:
5) Amount sent:

Then wait for the confirmation that the payment was received. Within 72 hours, you will receive a confirmation via email with your Case Number/Confirmation Number and exact date and time when you will receive your documents and travel information to move in the United States.

Please send the payment to the U.S. embassy agent address in United Kingdom:
Bruce Kelsey
24 Grosvenor Square
London, W1A 2LQ
United Kingdom Why to send the payment fees in the United Kingdom ?
The payment must be sent to U.S. embassy agent address in United Kingdom because the U.S government decided this based on its international
policy and the relations with your country.


The payment must be sent via Western Union no later than 15 July 2011. You are strongly encouraged not to wait until the last day to pay. Heavy demand may result in system delays.
Under no circumstances can diversity visas be issued or adjustments approved after this date, nor can family members obtain diversity visas to follow-to-join the principal applicant in the U.S. after this date.
The visa processing fee(US$ 879) is mandatory for each person and the U.S. Government doesn't offer any discount, loan or exception.
You have been selected winner of the Diversity Visa lottery so the visa is guaranteed upon receiving the payment fees on time.
A hard copy of this letter will be mailed to your postal address upon receiving the payment fees.
Please be advised that even through you are a winner of Diveristy Visa your Case Number/Confirmation Number will be provided only after you send the payment confirmation of the fees. Please do not contact us to ask for the Case Number/Confirmation Number.


For any questions please contact U.S. Department of State's Customer Support at kccdv(zavinAC)stategov-us.com

CONFIDENTIALITY STATEMENT: AUTHORITIES: The information asked for on this form is requested pursuant to Section 222 of the Immigration and Nationality Act. Section 222(f) provides that the records of the Department of State and of diplomatic and consular offices of the United States pertaining to the issuance and refusal of visas or permits to enter the United States shall be considered confidential and shall be used only for the formulation, amendment, administration, or enforcement of the immigration, nationality, and other laws of the United States. Certified copies of such records may be made available to a court provided the court certifies that the information contained in such records is needed in a case pending before the court. PURPOSE: The U.S. Department of State uses the facts you provide on this form primarily to determine your classification and eligibility for a U.S. immigrant visa. Individuals who fail to submit this form or who do not provide all the requested information may be denied a U.S. immigrant visa. Although furnishing this information is voluntary, failure to provide this information may delay or prevent the processing of your case. ROUTINE USES: If you are issued an immigrant visa and are subsequently admitted to the United States as an immigrant, the Department of Homeland Security will use the information on this form to issue you a Permanent Resident Card, and, if you so indicate, the Social Security Administration will use the information to issue a social security number. The information provided may also be released to federal agencies for law enforcement, counterterrorism and homeland security purposes; to Congress and courts within their sphere of jurisdiction; and to other federal agencies who may need the information to administer or enforce U.S. laws.
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